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Always ready to offer me encouragement

“As a tutor, Jonathan is patient and professional. He prepares lots of useful materials and has helped me improve my English conversation skills. When I ask him any question, he explains it until I understand. He is always ready to offer me encouragement; therefore, I have gained more confidence in my spoken English. It has…

Language Trainers

“Peyton completed his Business English training lesson with Jon and all went very well.” – Kylie Ann (Language Trainers)

ESL Tutoring Services

“I’m truly grateful to have had Jon as a member of our organisation due to his positive, caring attitude, natural talent as an ESL teacher, flexibility, reliability and highly developed organisational skills. Jon consistently produces extremely engaging, enjoyable and effective ESL lessons, catering to students’ needs, pace and best learning approach, having developed his own…

IELTS Preparation

“I needed a good tutor to help me with my IELTS preparation. Jonathan was very patient, and most importantly, was able to explain the core concepts of grammar, essay writing, reading and other areas in the test. He has given me the skills and confidence to continue to learn and improve my English. With Jonathan’s…

Excellent teacher

“Excellent teacher who provides grounded commonsense instruction that is easy to follow.” – Damian (5 Jul 2016)