Skype lessons are flexible, convenient and affordable. In this often hectic fast-paced life, online lessons are not only becoming more popular, but essential.

I have extensive experience tutoring via Skype, and for many students this is a preferred method when considering distance and travel restrictions. Another benefit to taking online lessons is the wonders of technology. While in a lesson I can share a Google Doc, edit it, and the student can see my notes and changes made – all live.I also work in split screen mode, allowing me to locate (and email) homework and assignments in real time.

I also recommend Skype lessons to keep the flow of lessons and homework going if other obligations occur. The worst thing for a student is to stop their lessons halfway through, so if you are taking lessons with me please consider having a Skype lesson if either of us are unavailable.

Some students prefer face-to-face lessons due to the more personalised approach. This is always a student’s decision and often such a decision is made after an initial Skype lesson. However, after many years of tutoring I believe Skype lessons are the way to go. Being physically present, while may seem better, really does not improve the learning process at all. Learning is all in the communication, so as long as you have a working computer with a microphone and camera and a reliable internet connection, then you’re away!

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