I offer a professional proofreading service in the following genre: theses, journal submissions, articles, essays, reports, research papers, reviews, projects, resumes, presentations, manuals and more. My attention to detail, knowledgeable adherence to relevant style and referencing standards as well as punctuality amount to a reliable, professional and courteous service for a range of clients, including those with an ESL background.


My editing process addresses the following aspects: spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, grammar, gender/cultural bias, hyphenation, abbreviations, font consistency, omissions and duplications. I will also correct and/or comment on format-related features such as alignment, line-spacing, page breaks, headings and graphics, as well as legibility/ readability, clarity and succinctness.  Where necessary I will rewrite sentences to address presenting issues.

Rates are ‘per-hour’ and are very reasonable.  No-obligation, free quotations are offered and are based on the perusal of a short sample of the written work. If this is not possible at the time, then the quote is regarded as an estimate only. Editing is usually implemented in Microsoft Word and completed documents are returned with Track Changes active.  Other formats such as PDF and even hard copies are also acceptable.

My rates are very reasonable and in line with standard proof reading rates within Australia. 24 hour turnaround. Contact me for a quote today.