About Me

JB tutoring pic

My name is Jonathan. I have over 10 years experience teaching and developing English skills for students in Australia, Europe, China, Japan, America and the UK. I take great pride in my students’ accomplishments, and make it my job to focus on the individual needs of each student – with comprehensive and easy to understand lessons, no matter their academic level.

I hold a BA of Education, a Cert 4 of TESOL and I’m currently finishing my second degree (to be a masters) in literature. When I am not teaching English, I am a writer – therefore, English is my main focus and is an integral part of my daily life.


Some of my key-strengths include: patience, encouragement, the ability to quickly discern my students’ needs, extremely qualified and able to apply a diverse range of teaching methodologies (including both Australian VIT curriculum, TESOL teaching methods and special needs), authentic motivation, and excellent listening and speaking skills.

I believe my role as a tutor is to not only teach, but to also inspire my students. It takes a degree of hard work and motivation to learn and improve your English language skills. But the journey should always be enlightening, as it’s an academic relationship built on trust, knowledge, inspiration and insight

To quote Kofi Annan …“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” 


I believe in intensive, supportive and needs-focused lesson plans to encourage confidence, structure and rapid improvement. I create tailored and inclusive lesson plans, that are both enjoyable and of high curriculum standards and supply industry standard study guides and exercise books, including: IELTS, PTE, VCE and Cambridge & General English, etc. I enjoy watching the progress of my students develop over our lessons together and I’m a firm believer in structured homework with weekly reviews. These days I mostly tutor individual online lessons using Skype and Google Classroom with excellent results. I am also available to teach group business classes and pronunciation lessons in person.


• IELTS & PTE preparation for both General and Academic
• Academic support and lessons for Primary and Secondary students, including: VCE exam prep and general study.
• Business & Cambridge English for corporate environments (one-on-one and group)
• ESL / EAL training in comprehension, grammar, reading and writing
• Essay writing, report writing, academic writing, persuasive & analysis writing
• Pronunciation training, including: listening, speaking, articulation, intonation and accent reduction
• Proof reading and editing of thesis and academic papers
• Narrative structure and creative writing
• Structured homework assignments and lesson plans to meet individual students needs
• Contract lesson plans with individuals and classes
• Tutoring ESL for international exchange students