• Are you a VCE student and preparing for your English units?

• Do you want to improve your General or Academic English?

• Are you preparing for an important exam, such as IELTS or PTE? Do you want to improve your overall score?

• Do you have an Academic Paper, Thesis or Essay that needs proof reading or editing? Do you have deadlines?


Whatever your English needs may be, it’s important that you receive the right kind of tutoring, starting today. Your score will define your future. Your ability to write professionally and communicate efficiently will define your career.

My name is Jonathan. I have over 15 years experience developing effective English skills, including students in Australia, Europe and the UK. I take great pride in my students’ accomplishments, and their success is my success. I make it my job to focus on the individual needs of each student – with comprehensive and easy to understand lessons, no matter the student’s academic level.

I’m currently offering support in the following areas: VCE student preparation, IELTS (General and Academic English), PTE, and other curriculum-based English subjects.

One of the important factors you should always consider when choosing a tutor is their level of experience and qualifications. I hold a BA of Education, a Cert 4 of TESOL and I’m currently finishing my Master’s in Literary and Cultural Studies. When I am not teaching English, I am a writer – therefore, English is my main focus and is an integral part of my daily life.

Contact me for a quote and start improving your English today.


“Jon consistently produces extremely engaging, enjoyable and effective ESL lessons, catering to students’ needs, pace and best learning approach. It is rare to find so many qualities in the one individual; in teaching either Business English to professionals or teaching General/Academic English/Exam Preparation skills from children to adults.” – Danielle Kuter / Director / ESL Tutoring Services (2014)

“As a tutor, Jonathan is patient and professional. He prepares lots of useful materials and has helped me improve my English conversation skills. He is always ready to offer me encouragement; therefore, I have gained more confidence in my spoken English. It has been a pleasure having such a good English tutor.” – Anna Yan (2013)

“Excellent teacher who provides grounded commonsense instruction that is easy to follow.” – Damian (5 Jul 2016)

“I needed a good tutor to help me with my IELTS preparation. Jonathan has given me the skills and confidence to continue to learn and improve my English. I highly recommend Jonathan as a tutor, as he is always ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind.” – Jasna Duronjic (7th June 2016)