I have over 10 years experience teaching and developing English skills for students in Australia, Europe, China, Japan, America and the UK. I take great pride in my students’ accomplishments, and make it my job to focus on the individual needs of each student – with comprehensive and easy to understand lessons, no matter their academic level.

I believe my role as a tutor is to not only teach, but to also inspire my students. It takes a degree of hard work and motivation to learn and improve your English language skills. But the journey should always be enlightening, as it’s an academic relationship built on trust, knowledge, inspiration and insight.

To quote Kofi Annan …“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

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“We are very happy with Jonathan’s attentive and encouraging approach, and feel extremely confident that his lessons will not only enable our daughter to better her VCE grades but also improve her competence over the long term.” – Sandeep Sehgal (2019)

“Excellent teacher who provides grounded commonsense instruction that is easy to follow.” – Damian (Jul 2016)

“I needed a good tutor to help me with my IELTS preparation. Jonathan has given me the skills and confidence to continue to learn and improve my English. I highly recommend Jonathan as a tutor, as he is always ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind.” – Jasna Duronjic (7th June 2016)

“Jon consistently produces extremely engaging, enjoyable and effective ESL lessons, catering to students’ needs, pace and best learning approach. It is rare to find so many qualities in the one individual; in teaching either Business English to professionals or teaching General/Academic English/Exam Preparation skills from children to adults.” – Danielle Kuter / Director / ESL Tutoring Services (2014)